What is CymaSpace?

CymaSpace is a Portland, OR based non-profit that focuses on making cultural events inclusive for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We develop art and performances that largely feature the synergy of sound, light, and vibration – some of which have been featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, in the Oregon Museum Science and Industry (OMSI), and the Portland Winter Light Festival.

CymaSpace was founded by Myles de Bastion, because as a musician and visual interaction designer who also happens to be Deaf, he experienced first-hand the challenge of participating in a world, that for most part takes for granted the accessibility of sound.

CymaSpace serves to create bridges between the Deaf and the Hearing in a positive way that open doors for underserved minorities, changes misconceptions about Deafness and is striving to make a real, socio-economic difference. Through our work, we show that by lowering barriers that prevent equal access to art and culture, everyone benefits.

CymaSpace is an entirely volunteer-run organization that consists of a thriving community of engineers, artists and forward-thinking partnering organizations who are pioneering the next generation of accessibility, as it pertains to arts and cultural events.

A CymaSpace event is something that needs to be experienced first-hand, all art technology and modern accessibility implementations are developed in-house and cannot be not readily found anywhere else. Whether you are Hearing, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, young or old, all of your senses will be engaged!

ASL Hideaway receives attention and critical acclaim from Kiesza herself.

ASL Hideaway was seen by Kiesza and got their seal of approval when she tweeted, “Wow, this is amazing.” to her followers.

If you have not seen the video yet, you can watch it here. Share with anyone who would enjoy watching too!

CymaSpace is committed to facilitating projects that showcase #Deaftalent and the positive perspectives of Deaf culture.

ASL Hideaway Press Release

Check out this stunning ASL Dance video from Cymaspace featuring a cast of amazing #‎DeafTalent in this addictive rendition of Kiesza’s run-away hit Hideaway, made accessible for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing. Choreographed by Scott Selby of 2 Deaf Feet Dance Collective, for many of the cast, you’d never believe it was their first time learning how to dance! Filmed in Portland, Oregon 2016 and produced by Red Lab Films with support by Portland Community Media and Portland’s vibrant ASL community, the end result is a visually poetic story of intimacy, friendship and love. For more information about this Hideaway project go to #‎ASLHideAway #‎accessiblearts #‎deafcan #‎ASLDance

Copyright 2016 CymaSpace, Red Lab Films & 2 Deaf Feat Dance Collective.

We do not reserve the rights of the music “Hideaway” by Keisza (…/album/hideaway-single/id808750149)

Check out more amazing work by the team behind #ASLHideAway:




Deafness + Music

DEAFNESS + MUSIC from Red Lab Films on Vimeo.

A compelling short video. shot and edited by Travis Howe of Red Lab Films featuring Myles de Bastion, the founder of CymaSpace and Audiolux Devices.

Myles is a musician who also happens to be Deaf. His search for ways to bridge his passion for music with his Deaf identity led him to develop technology that enables sound to be experienced as light and vibration.
He is now using this technology to show how performing arts can be made more inclusive and engaging for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing.

Learn more about the work of the film-maker Travis Howe over at