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CymaSpace Announces Access Lab – A Space For All


PORTLAND, Ore. (January 24th, 2019) – At CymaSpace we believe access to the world is a fundamental human right. For over 5 years we have committed our resources to affecting positive change by encouraging inclusion and equal access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. In support of this vision, CymaSpace is thrilled to announce it’s newest initiative; Access Lab – A Space for All. Assess Lab is the next step to facilitating accessibility at the intersection of technology, art and social movements.

Access Lab integrates a Workshop, Education Program and Support Services within our new 800 sq. ft studio. Access Lab provides multimedia workstations, community meeting areas, event production & rehearsal facilities, audio-visual tools, live captioning technology and a pilot micro-grant program to provide disability accommodation resources to individual members and partnering organizations. Access Lab members have access to these resources year-round in tandem with support and mentorship from CymaSpace volunteer staff.
For more information about how to become a member, see our Patreon page:

Year One Goals:

  1. Increase the frequency and impact of arts and cultural events that are accessible to Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) Oregonians and document the impact of the programs.
  2. Spread awareness of accessibility needs of DHH and access requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  3. Increase the number of Sign Language Interpreters & CART (Live captioners) who are skilled and qualified through partnerships, workshops and provide increased contract opportunities for freelancers.
  4. Create specific work opportunities for Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI’s) who may experience employment discrimination due to their disability. CDI’s are a valuable/under utilized interpreting asset due to their native Signing skills.
  5. Award small grants to qualifying nonprofit and for-profit organizations that want to provide DHH access services and technology, but need performing arts interpretation or live captioning services.

Access Lab – A Space For All is facilitated by CymaSpace, a Portland non-profit arts and technology incubator. CymaSpace is dedicated to making all cultural events more accessible and inclusive to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing through technology, education and outreach. Committed Deaf and hearing volunteers lend their skills to develop a variety of art installations and stage sets that synergize sound, light, and vibration. The work of CymaSpace has been featured nationally on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as at festivals like What The Fest?, PDX Winter Light Festival, Kentucky DeaFestival, and prominent local institutions such as Portland Art Museum, Clark County Historical Museum and Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI).

For PR/Media Inquiries contact Myles de Bastion:

Arts & Accessibility Showcase Gala 2016 Video now live!

Arts & Accessibility Showcase Gala 2016 Video now live!
Video is in ASL & with English Closed Captions (click the “CC” icon). Thank you to all the amazing supporters and the team behind CymaSpace who made this video possible!
More event information available on the Arts & Accessibility Showcase Gala event page.


Kaylee Rob – Rock for you (Buy Track)

Arts & Accessibility Showcase Gala 2016 Promotional Video

Volunteer Registration For Gala 2016 Now Open

To mark the beginning of our third year, CymaSpace is pleased to announce a spectacular showcase of our major accomplishments, in an inaugural fundraiser celebration, and you’re invited!

H_DSC3806_medere is a great opportunity to get involved! Do you want to learn more about what goes on behind-the-scenes, have you always wanted to learn ASL? Or perhaps you’d like to simply give back to the community. Donating your time and skills is a wonderful way to show your support and will earn you (and your +1 companion) complimentary tickets to the event.

CymaSpace is an entirely volunteer-run organization that consists of community members like you, who are pioneering the next generation of accessibility, as it pertains to arts and cultural events. We simply cannot do it without you!


Your volunteering commitment helps CymaSpace open doors for underserved minorities, by working together, we lower the barriers preventing equal access to art and culture, and everyone benefits.

We have volunteer roles to match every kind of personal background or commitment level. From greeting guests with a smile as reception host, assisting performers as stagehand, to more technical audio-visual engineering roles. There are many hands on learning opportunities to gain experience and bolster your resume.

If you are interested in getting involved with this program, please read and complete the proposal form.

We ask that volunteers commit to attending 3 or more of our Fundraising Committee / Volunteer Orientation sessions and complete the volunteer registration form by March 21st. Thank you!