Visiting CymaSpace

CymaSpace is located in South-East Portland, OR. To visit and view the facilities outside of the hours of our event programming, an advance appointment is strongly recommended. Please contact us here.

The address is:
1732 SE Haig St, Portland, OR 97202

Call us at:
(971) 319-4954

A CymaSpace staff or volunteer member must be present to assist you and check you in. Please also read our Code of Conduct before you plan your visit.

What is CymaSpace?

  • Accessibility & Inclusion

    CymaSpace is a leading advocate for accessibility and inclusion within performing arts, cultural events, and media broadcasting for DHH people. We are constantly striving to find new ways to ensure our venue and events are inclusive, especially to DHH  communities.

  • Technology & Arts Incubator

    We provide incubator services for new fledgling organizations and communities that are exploring emerging concepts in combining technology and the arts.

  • Education & Outreach

    We provide educational opportunities for artists, the general public and other performance venues interested in incorporating our unique, cymatic concepts into their work.

  • Cymatic Study

    CymaSpace is an epicenter for Cymatic study and we are committed to raising awareness of and promoting the benefits of Cymatics (the science and study of sound made visible).