LED Curtain Kits

An LED Curtain Kit is perfect for when you need to deploy a flexible LED lighting display that is touring-ready, modular and scalable. These weatherized LED curtains are designed for plug-and-play operation when combined with our powerful, tour-grade LED pixel controller & power supplies. LED Curtain Kits come in ATA, flight approved cases and contain everything you need to get up and running quickly and are specially designed to withstand the harsh-environments and rigorous of outdoor events and traveling touring shows.

$630 per day*

(Includes technician to setup & breakdown).

*Technician accommodation & meals must be provided for events outside of Portland 100 mile radius. Please contact us for special custom packages for extended rentals.


  • 1x Trained technician to set-up, maintain and break-down the kit.
    Same Day Delivery & Pickup (within 50 mile radius of inner SE Portland).
  • 3x LED Mesh Curtains (7 x 1.5ft)
  • 1x Tour Grade Sound-Reactive LED Pixel Controller (with audio line in or internal microphone)
  • 1x Tour Grade Power Supply
  • 1x Rigging Kit (Aircraft Cable & Hooks)
  • Built-in Generative Audio Visualizations (no programming or external computer/software required!)
  • Chainable – Multiple LED Curtain Kits can be deployed and connected together to create large scale setups.
  • Industry-Standard rugged Power & Data Cabling (All Neutrik PowerCon, SpeakOn & EtherCon Connectors).

Optional Add-ons:

  • $300 - Add LED Curtain Kit (5 LED Curtains total)
  • $760 - Add 2 LED Curtain Kits (7 LED Curtains total includes additional Technician).
  • $240 - Additional Technician for time-sensitive events requiring expedited set-up and break-down.
  • $150 - Add our LED microphone to this package at a special discount.

What is CymaSpace?

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    CymaSpace is a leading advocate for accessibility and inclusion within performing arts, cultural events, and media broadcasting for DHH people. We are constantly striving to find new ways to ensure our venue and events are inclusive, especially to DHH  communities.

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