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VINYETTE (a NYC rock quartet) @ CymaSpace: Mar 26th 2014


A feast for the senses, CYMASPACE warmly welcomed NYC-Based rock 4-piece VINYETTE during their first national tour to perform their high energy set in tandem with the in-house art installations.

A warm-up precursor event to the live performance Summer Series at CYMASPACE that will incorporate sound-reactive lighting and vibrohaptic furniture set to a variety of art mediums.

Some comments from our attendees:

I love what you’re doing. You’re a secret that needs to be leaked.
– Heather Hanson, Super Groovy Cosmic Bus)

It was great! Those lights are what I needed to experience the music with more depth. Vinyette rocked my ass off, literally on the vibrating couch! Hahaha!
– Scott Selby

That was inspirational & highlight of my night
– Jennifer Jewell



Battery Powered Orchestra: Aug 10th & 11th 2013

IMG_1753The First Annual Interactive Electronic Arts Festival in Portland, Oregon dedicated to the art of salvaged sound. Encompassing two days of workshops, performances and culminating in a DIY public jam session, BPOW!!! wants to show Portland that even the simplest circuit configurations can bring forth unprecedented levels of ROCK.

BPOW! events oscillated wildly from circuit design workshops to DJ and stage performances, keynotes from prominent circuit benders, synth builders and general electronic brainiacs to raw public performance. The BPOW! vision is to completely immerse people in a music scene that’s created through a few alligator clips and sheer ingenuity.


BPOW! Live Stream: Day One – Part I

BPOW! Live Stream: Day One – Part II

BPOW! Live Stream: Day Two – Part I

BPOW! Live Stream: Day Two – Part II (Circuit Bent Jam)

IF NOT FOR KIDNAP Poetry Reading: Aug 9th 2013


Musical Speakeasy featuring LARA GLENUM, HAJARA QUINN with live music + belly-dancing.

Child Children & A Happy Death: May 4th 2013

Local Portland rock talent Child Children & A Happy Death rocked minds and hearts alike.


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