We’re hiring! See new opportunities to join our team in support of inclusive arts & culture

Cozy illustration of a modern workshop with a relaxed vibe, showcasing tools and a 3D printer and drill press. Diverse individuals include a Black male with cochlear implants crafting, an Asian male in a wheelchair programming, a Hispanic gender-fluid person working on a 3D printer, and neurodivergent Caucasian male and female wearing noise cancellation headphones discussing a project. Warm lights illuminate the setting, with a neon ‘We’re Hiring!’ sign drawing attention.

Hello CymaSpace Community!

We are thrilled to announce new opportunities to join our team! As we continue to serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through technology, education, and cultural outreach, we are seeking passionate individuals to fill several roles that will contribute to our mission and impact. We are particularly in immediate need of a Relocation Coordinator to join our team as soon as possible, otherwise positions remain open until filled.

Job Openings:

1. Relocation Coordinator (Immediate need!)

  • Key Responsibilities: Oversee logistical aspects of office relocation, coordinate with vendors, and manage timelines.
  • Requirements: Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and experience in logistics.

2. Volunteer Coordinator

  • Key Responsibilities: Manage volunteer outreach, coordinate volunteer efforts for events and workshops, and maintain volunteer databases.
  • Requirements: Strong interpersonal skills, previous volunteer management experience, and dedication to community outreach.

3. IT Support Specialist

  • Key Responsibilities: Provide IT support, manage software and hardware installations, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Requirements: Proven experience in IT support and technical problem-solving skills.

For detailed job descriptions, please click here. Note: We opted for PDFs for easier access, but rest assured, they are comprehensive and easy to navigate.

We Are Also Seeking New Board Members!

More details will be posted on our website to detail this unique and impactful opportunity, but if you are interested in contributing at the governance level, please reach out to us.

How to Apply:

To apply for any of these positions, please send your resume or a detailed cover letter to the email listed in the job description with the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Application Deadline:

The positions remain open until filled.

We are eager to welcome new team members who share our dedication to making arts and culture accessible to everyone. Be part of a community that values inclusivity, creativity, and the power of technology to bring people together!

Best, The CymaSpace Team

What is CymaSpace?

  • Accessibility & Inclusion

    CymaSpace is a leading advocate for accessibility and inclusion within performing arts, cultural events, and media broadcasting for DHH people. We are constantly striving to find new ways to ensure our venue and events are inclusive, especially to DHH  communities.

  • Technology & Arts Incubator

    We provide incubator services for new fledgling organizations and communities that are exploring emerging concepts in combining technology and the arts.

  • Education & Outreach

    We provide educational opportunities for artists, the general public and other performance venues interested in incorporating our unique, cymatic concepts into their work.

  • Cymatic Study

    CymaSpace is an epicenter for Cymatic study and we are committed to raising awareness of and promoting the benefits of Cymatics (the science and study of sound made visible).