We advocate for DHH access by serving Portland’s dynamic arts and culture community.

Northwest Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people love to attend concerts, theater events, and other cultural happenings. In 2016, two Portland Deaf ladies wanted to attend a music concert. The manager didn’t know where to hire sign language interpreters and turned to CymaSpace for help. As a result, the CymaSpace Access Program was born. Now we advocate for DHH access by serving Portland’s dynamic arts and culture community.

The CymaSpace Access Program provides communication services for art and culture nonprofits, educational institutions, etc. that recognize the need to create accessible and inclusive environments for the Northwest Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) community.
Many arts organizations want to include DHH people in their events, but lack the resources to provide services. CymaSpace steps in by providing disability-led programming and support. We to refer sign language interpreters, provide Open Captioning, and create communication-accessible solutions for both physical audiences and online broadcasted media.

Please respect our two week notice for all services by planning ahead. 

New for 2020: As the world shelters due to the COVID-19, the Access Program is answering the call to provide broadcasting media access. We are expanding our media services to provide open caption generation and Video Remote Interpreters for live streamed and pre-recorded broadcasts.

Live Stage Services

ASL Sign Language Interpreting

Event directors and coordinators understand their events need to be accessible, but need resources and consultation. The Access Program recruits American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. They are vetted and qualified to interpret at live cultural events, including music concerts, theater productions, poetry readings, variety shows and more. Our Deaf-run advocacy service will assist you in finding the right interpreters for your event schedule and access budget.

Weekday Base Rate $60/hr
Per Interpreter

Weekend Base Rate $66/hr
Per Interpreter

The CymaSpace POCS is perfect for large group caption solutions.

Captioning translates the spoken word into highly visible text form for fundraisers, concerts, workshops educational settings, live streamed video media, etc. Unlike sign language interpreters, open captioning provides communication access to anyone who can read English at a functional level.
CymaSpace provides real-time, on-location auto-captioning services with our Portable Open Captioning System (POCS). This cost-effective solution uses adaptive speech-to-text AI from the cloud, (A WIFI connection is needed). Fee includes a technician who will set up and transport the system to your event. The auto-caption system transmits 90% accurate text clarity depending on voice quality and background interference.

POCS rental + Technical Support $80/hr

Broadcast Media Services

Do you want Live Stream Broadcasting support with a focus on accessibility and inclusion for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing? Our tech staff can support your needs by mixing your video media with captioning and recruit remote Sign Language Interpreters for broadcasting to all Social Media platforms.

Basic Broadcasting Service: A CymaSpace technician will mix your live stream or broadcasted video with caption and/or interpreter windows. Recommended for all our live stream captioning and sign language interpreter broadcast services. Basic Broadcasting service includes open or closed auto caption generation. Auto captions provide approximately 80% text accuracy. Interpreting services and Real Time Captioning services are not included in the basic fee.

Remote ASL Interpreter: A qualified sign language VRI (Video Remote Interpreter) working remotely will be added in a window of your broadcast media in tandem with captioning, (if requested).
$60-$66/hr. per interpreter.

Real Time Captioning Service: When captioning accuracy is a priority, we offer live stream real time captioning solutions as an option.

When every word spoken counts, a human CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) Stenographer is recommended. A certified stenographer will be deployed to your event (or remotely online). The stenographer listens to the speech and transcribes word-for-word in real time. CART stenographers will work with the multimedia equipment you are using. Our CART stenographers will work with CymaSpace techs or with your own tech crew.

TypeWell is a condensed, easy-to-read, cost effective option to CART. TypeWell relies on transcribers using abbreviation software that allows them to capture the essence of what’s being said in real time. This process eliminates redundancy and erroneous words: You read what the speaker means, not the exact words that the speaker is saying. Because TypeWell providers are transcribers and not highly trained stenographers, they have the benefit of being less expensive than CART.

Captions generated with CART or TypeWell will be encoded for live-steamed or recorded video. (Broadcast Basic service is recommended to sync all services, but we will work with your tech crew to recruit providers and offer support.)

If you have questions, contact the Access Program to see which service is right for you. Custom Packages available upon request with discounts available for extended service. Contact for details.


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Captioning your video content builds your audience

85 percent of Facebook video views happen with the sound off, multiple publishers agree. The message of un-captioned videos are lost to those who are scrolling along with the sound off. Captioning videos allows viewers to capture your message and retain it, increasing audience engagement.

Live event captioning improves comprehension and participation

One in four Americans have some degree of hearing difficulty. Do you want these folks to attend your live events?
Live captioning, (technically known as Communication Access Realtime Translation, or CART) involves a captioning transcriber who works at your venue for live events. Captioning benefits everyone. When open captioning is displayed prominently at an event, audience attention and comprehension of a speaker is increased.

With a full spectrum of interpreting services Access Program will find the right match for your event. 

An American Sign Language interpreter facilitates communication between two or more people and assure Deaf and hard of hearing participants are fully engaged while having equal opportunities in public discourse, learning, and advancement. No matter where you need an interpreter 



What is CymaSpace?

  • Accessibility & Inclusion

    We are a leading advocate for accessibility and inclusion within the performing arts. We are constantly striving to find new ways to ensure our venue and events are inclusive, especially to Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing communities.

  • Technology & Arts Incubator

    We provide incubator services for new fledgling organizations and communities that are exploring emerging concepts in combining technology and the arts.

  • Education & Outreach

    We provide educational opportunities for artists, the general public and other performance venues interested in incorporating our unique, cymatic concepts into their work.

  • Cymatic Study

    CymaSpace is an epicenter for Cymatic study and we are committed to raising awareness of and promoting the benefits of Cymatics (the science and study of sound made visible).